What is Stardust?

Stardust is a valuable resource that you collect and use to power up Pokemon you caught, raising their CP (Combat power). Using it at the right time is crucial. You wouldn’t want to waste this resource which is extremely difficult to get on weak low tier Pokemon. Powering up your Pokemon is only achievable by giving them Stardust. There is no way for them to gain EXP through battles, like in the old Gameboy games.

Sometimes they run special bonuses that give you double the amount of Stardust. For example around the holidays or if you catch Pokemon over a 7-day streak.

Are there any other ways I can get Stardust?

There are other ways to get it quickly and in large amounts. One way is by using our Pokemon Go cheat which instantly puts Stardust into your account. Performing it manually is slow and tedious. Any Pokemon you catch gives you at least 100 Stardust vials and a bit of Candy to go along with it. You get a little bonus if it’s a new Pokemon you’ve never caught before. But be sure you pack up some Pokeballs before you go out on your hunt. Or you may find yourself running out very fast.

The best place to catch Pokemon is in densely populated areas or tourist spots. After you boot up the app, Pokemon will spawn almost instantly without having to walk around. It’s best to wait for seasonal events that usually happen during long weekends. They give you twice the number of Stardust and double the EXP.

Use a Stardust hack

Using a Pokemon Go hack is the fastest way to get Stardust.  It is a form of cheating in the game which you’re probably worried about getting banned for. But don’t worry! So far everyone that has used Pokegohacker has kept their account(s) in good standing.  We make sure your account is safe from getting deleted by Niantic.  They will never know you’re using a cheat.  Our app easily slips under their noses.

Conquer Gyms & Defend them!

You also receive Stardust when you take over a Gym or protect it from other trainers trying to take it down. For every successful defense, you get rewarded 500 Stardust vials.  It’s a good idea to leave your strongest Pokemon inside the gyms.  As long as they don’t lose, you’ll be getting Stardust every day.

pokemon go gyms

Hatching Pokemon eggs rewards you with Stardust

Walking around with your Pokemon eggs in incubators will hatch them after reaching a certain distance. 10km Eggs yield the most giving up to around 2000 Stardust. The 5km and 2km eggs give you less, at least you don’t have to walk very far.

Always make sure, you have your incubators are filled up before going out for a run, a nice little stroll, or anything involved with movement. Hatching a 10km would only take about an hour if you went running non-stop, not easy for most but doable if you train for it. Isn’t the goal of the game to turn you into a Pokemon master? Being fit certainly, does help you achieve that goal!

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