EX Raid Pass hackHow to get a EX Raid Pass for Pokemon Go

Are you still waiting to receive an EX Raid Pass? Right now the only way you can get one is by participating in Raid Battles, then in time, you may be randomly given one as an invite to battle against Legendary Pokemon such as Mewtwo. If you don’t want to sit, wait, and hope that you’ll get awarded you can use our Pokemon Go hack. As soon as you enable the cheat it will deposit an EX Raid Pass into your bag which you can use anytime there is an EX Raid Battle available in your area.

These are special Raid Battles that happen for a limited time. So it’s going to be in your best interest to have an EX Raid Pass hack at your disposal if you really want to catch all the Pokemon. Use Pokegohacker to generate as many EX Raid Passes as you need. To give you more chances of taking part in and hopefully capturing a Legendary Pokemon for yourself.

These exclusive battles are usually happening near sponsored locations. Notifications will remind you of any EX Raid Battles that are going to take place nearby. During this time use the Pokemon Go EX raid pass cheat to put one in your account. The pass will be valid until the related raid comes to an end. The battles go over a period of an hour and you get a 24-hour notification before it begins. During this time you should start preparing your team of Pokemon you wish to battle with. Stock up on potions so you can quickly recover if you are defeated.

Here is an example of a player who is trying to catch a Mewtwo in a EX Raid Battle. The battles are far more difficult than regular Raids. You also get a chance to capture the creature with premier Pokeballs. Once you run out of these the Pokemon will run away. Use up all those berries you have stocked up because you’re going to need them.

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