Pokemon Go GPS Hack – Play without having to go outside

pokemon go gps joystick hackAre you tired of running around outside just so you can refill on potions and pokeballs? Or maybe there is a Pokemon that you’re trying to catch but is too far away. This is when having a Pokemon Go GPS hack comes in handy. If you’re one of the few brave souls that go outside in any condition to battle gyms or catch Pokemon you my friend are a real Pokemon trainer. For the rest of us there has to be another way.

Most of us grew up playing the game on a Nintendo Gameboy or console. We never had to venture outside into the real world. But now it has come to life and it’s amazing! One day we might be able to play on a VR headset. Without looking too ridiculous, maybe we’ll have technology evolve enough to the point where we can view through normal looking glasses.

Using a Pokemon Go GPS hack has many advantages. Once you find out where rare Pokemon are spawning you can quickly travel to the location by inputting the coordinates. The GPS hack is built for iPhones and any other Apple device running iOS. Plus mobile devices running Android.

The joystick and auto-walker work together alongside the GPS spoofing tool. With the joystick, you can walk to any location without having to physically move yourself and your device. It’s just like playing Pokemon games on GameBoy by moving your trainer around with the D-pad.

Some Pokemon can only be caught in specific countries or continents. These are geo-specific Pokemon. Catching them all is pretty much impossible unless you buy a plane ticket and fly around the world. For most people, this is not an option. There’s also no way you can trade Pokemon with other trainers, well at least not right now.

There is even a way to GPS drift but this method is slow and is a big waste of screen life for your phone.  If you want to see how it’s done, check out the video below.

How do I install the GPS Hack?

If you own an iPhone you will be getting an IPA file which is included in the zip file after downloading Pokegohacker. Android users can install the app through the APK file. Instructions on how to install and get everything working will be included. It will be in PDF format, make sure you have a PDF reader installed. A free reader is available online from Adobe any many other sites.

Are you ready to try out the Pokemon Go hack?

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Will I get banned for GPS spoofing?

The Pokemon Go GPS hack is safe to use, many people have been using it ever since its release. There have been no reports of any accounts getting banned. As long as you follow our guidelines below your account will remain safe.

You will notice warning popups asking for your confirmation before you proceed with certain actions. Teleporting from one country to another within a few minutes will trigger this warning message. This warning is set in place to protect you from getting banned for cheating. If you know what you’re doing then all you have to do is tap confirm and it will proceed with the action.

There’s an option to simulate driving behaviors. This gives you the benefit of quickly traveling around without the chance of getting flagged by any bot detection.

You can set your trainer to automatically walk around your area. Which is useful for hatching any eggs you have in incubators and getting candy from the Pokemon you set as your buddy.